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Talent Culturing
After years of accumulation, Bor Hurng set up a team of experienced electronic technicians. As long as the techniques are matured enough, lot production is not a bottle-neck problem.
Well-Paid Talents
The new century begins with wider globalization. Competition between enterprises is just competition between talents. Talents give enterprises the space to grow up. Bor Hurng tries his best to satisfy employees on housing, salary, training and welfare benefits.
Talents Staying
In order to keep talents staying in the enterprise, besides good payment, the enterprise’s working environment around talents is a major factor. Bor Hurng spares no efforts to make an atmosphere of learning what you will practice and practicing what you have learnt, so that to give employees larger space of living, developing and studying.
Respecting Talents
It is a consensus to respect talents, worship knowledge and pursue science from director to staff in the enterprise. Customers are gods outside, and talents are gods inside. The HR strategy of Bor Hurng enhances the enterprise to win more opportunities for its development in the globalization challenges.

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